TikTok stories [New Feature Alert]

We saw it coming, and they’re finally here. TikTok stories in-the-house. I am going to give you a rundown on what they are, how to make one, and a few different ways you can use them for your business!

What are TikTok stories?

Following Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram, stories are another valuable avenue you can use to create content & share with your audience. Stories are pieces of vertical content that are only available for 24 hours. Similar to these platforms you have the ability to see who has viewed this content & your audience will see a blue circle on their end around your profile that shows a story is available.

And, you’re now also able to publicly like and comment on the stories directly!!

How do I make a TikTok story?

Making a TikTok story is just like any other platform you post a story through!

After you open the app, you then:

— Click to make a post in the center of the bottom navigation

— Click “quick” (that’s what TikTok is calling it)

— Here you can record a video, or upload one from your camera roll (add text, music, gifs, stickers…)

— Click “Post to Story” and you’re set!

You will notice that a blue circle comes up around your profile photo that shows your audience you have posted a story.

What are some different ways I can utilize TikTok stories?

Stories provide a more engaging, personal interaction with your followers.  It’s an opportunity to nurture your audience and create a genuine bond together.  Utilizing unique story content on TikTok allows you to show behind the scenes “insider” type of content!  And, there’s less pressure here, as it’s supposed to be very casual as opposed to curated posts and content you may share elsewhere.

 Below are a few ideas on TikTok stories to make:

— Sneak peek of a launch coming up

— BTS for a day

— Share customer/client testimonials

— A special discount for TikTok followers

— Answer questions your potential customer would have

— Introduce yourself and/or your team

— Give tips & freebies

I can’t wait to see how you use TikTok Stories to enhance your business and explode your opportunities!

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