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USA TODAY best-selling Author    Founder & CEO of Celproceo
Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner    Business Mentor
High Performance Health Strategist

Meet Maggie...

Maggie Berghoff is an entrepreneur, USA TODAY best-selling author, international speaker and mom of three.


Maggie Berghoff is the founder and CEO of Celproceo, a health consulting company rooted in functional medicine and trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs. 

Maggie is also the co-founder and CEO of a business and marketing company she launched and runs with her husband.  They offer a comprehensive business growth program, in-house done-for-you services such as PR, branding, web builds, and detailed course launches, and 1:1 and group business consulting. 

Maggie has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, USA Today, local and national television, and more. She is the author of Eat to Treat: Your Three-Step Plan To Reduce Inflammation, Detoxify Your Life, And Heal Your Body, signed by top literary agent Celeste Fine of Park & Fine, and publishing company Simon & Schuster.  Maggie is also a proud mom of three young children, and focuses on family, flexibility, and fulfillment as core values in the companies she builds.

I was a small-town Indiana girl who just wanted to be a doctor, get married, live in the country, and have lots of babies.  

I didn’t know that in reality, I was born a little different. I had unique entrepreneurial tendencies within me from the very beginning, and in no way was meant to live a “normal” life.

I didn’t know that when I’d finally graduate school from Vanderbilt University, and start working for my “dream hospital,” as a Nurse Practitioner, I’d be so disappointed in the traditional medical system and how terribly it was failing our patients by just giving them script pills to take to cover up their symptoms, instead of taking the time with them to fully dive deep into healing their imbalances and getting them to feel, look, and perform their very best - above status-quo living.


I didn’t know that I could have that dream marriage, lots of babies, beautiful home, ALL WHILE building my own business that would allow me to actually enjoy those things and have income and schedule flexibility to be able to show up more fully for my family, friends, and myself. 

I surely didn’t know how simple it really could be to build and own my own business.

I thought that entrepreneurship and owning companies was something only older men in suits did, full of lengthy hard to understand business plans, paperwork, expenses, and stressful long days. I thought to monetize said business it took years and years of headaches and hardships, of nights away from family, of frustration and stress.

I was so wrong. 

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Building a business was not only simple, fun, and fast, it was SO rewarding to be able to actually help my clients achieve their health and wellness goals…. Instead of being cooped up in that cold hospital office seeing 30+ patients a day and giving them pharmaceutical pills to cover up their symptoms, I was seeing absolute dream clients from all around the world and having the opportunity to spend so much time with them to truly help them feel and perform their best every day.

I am so grateful...

...that I took that leap of faith and went out on my own as a health consultant, and now am proud beyond belief of the team I’ve curated of the best medical and wellness professionals at Celproceo to help each and every one of our elite clients up-level their health. You can learn more about our health and wellness services at celproceo.com!  

I’m really passionate about now helping other health and wellness professionals to build their own online business.

I think it’s so important to continue to give access to natural, cutting-edge, functional medicine help to everyone, and by teaching other clinicians and coaches, we are able to truly change the world of health and medicine for the better.

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Why I business mentor

I don’t need to mentor other clinicians aspiring to become business owners. I have my health agency, Celproceo, and am unapologetically obsessed with the work I do as the continued CEO and lead health strategist over there.  

And, here’s why I choose to mentor other people and likely always will…

When my own business grew so quickly, people started to notice how I was doing this “new thing” and the lifestyle I was now living. They really looked up to the fact I was a “normal” nurse practitioner now doing all this really cool stuff in the online space as a health consultant for people all around the world…

I would get instagram DMs and emails every single day from practitioners asking me to teach them how to build their own business in the online space, too. I said “no” every time when asked if I would business mentor, until a few years later when I realized...

  1. I had a talent and skill in business and marketing most don’t have.
  2. I LOVE teaching and mentoring others, seeing them create their own “wins” and celebrating with them.
  3. Who am I to keep these clinicians from doing what they’re really passionate about and helping their future clients achieve healthier lives? They need guidance to help these people, and I can give that to them.

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I finally started saying "YES"!

◆ ◆ ◆

To helping these new coaches and clinicians out in building their business, and quickly realized - well - I’m really good at this. Within WEEKS of working with me, I’ve had clients get booked on TV, quoted in national publications, asked to speak on podcasts or at events, and even enroll paying clients into their brand new business.

My clients I’ve mentored in business have collectively brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But, even better than the income generated is the testimonies of how working together has changed their entire life for forever. They’ve been opened up to ultimate unlimited potential. They see a bigger, better future. They’re helping people positively with their services from all around the world. They’re creating a new reality.

As of today...

I now continue to run my health and performance agency, Celproceo, where I’m the CEO, as well as business mentor coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs from around the world in building and scaling their own online business!  I see private clients, host an Elite Business Mastermind, and provide courses and educational materials in the spaces of health as well as business and marketing.

Tid-bits about me!

  • I'm a big dreamer. I truly believe anyone can do anything they want to in life!
  • Born and raised in the country in Indiana alongside my 2 brothers, 2 sisters, and amazing mom + dad.
  • I’m obsessed with being a mom! I’m married to the best fella, and we have 2 little boys + 1 sweet girl.
  • I'm in love with positivity and creating impact in the world.
  • I’m a huge people person and extrovert. I LOVE meeting new people and creating fun memories together.
  • I also go hard with pamper and relaxation, and love my alone time.

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