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Hi! I'm Maggie...

I’m an entrepreneur with multiple online companies, all revolving around helping others live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.  This all stemmed from my first company as an online health consultant, which has now grown into a large educational platform of published books, online programs, recommended products, and more services to help you rebalance your body.    

I also have a business consulting company and have helped thousands of newer entrepreneurs build, brand, market, and scale their own online coaching business. 

I'm also a mom of three young children.

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Thanks for being here :) 

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Eat to Treat

The Three-Step Program to Reduce Inflammation, Detoxify Your Life, and Heal Your Body

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My Mission


◆  My mission is Simple 

To help create massive positive impact in the world. Currently, I do that through my Functional Medicine services, helping people get healthy inside and out, as well as my business mentorship services, helping people live to the fullest ability and create a dream lifestyle and business of their own!

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This has been the best professional investment and decision I could have made.

Within a month of working with Maggie, she had me primed and ready to go. This seemed light years away before I started working with her.



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You need Maggie in your life.

Maggie is one of a kind. She is kind. She is knowledgeable, dedicated to her work, organized & efficient. She has been with me every step of the way.



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I can’t say enough about Maggie. She was 100% committed to my success.

The whole setup that Maggie has from beginning to end is complete. She gave me everything I needed to be successful.

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