The Philosophy Behind "Romanticizing Your Life"

Cue the viral TikTok sound, “you HAVE to start romanticizing your life…”

But for real. Where did this concept behind romanticizing your life originate, what does it mean & how can we start doing it TODAY?  Or should you even do it?

Oftentimes as we get older we find a rhythm with our life, things get comfortable and suddenly we manage to get tied to a perpetual cycle of day after day being copy & paste. Life suddenly begins to seem mundane and things don’t stimulate you in the ways they once did.  

You have all these big goals… and then you blink and 30 days passes… then suddenly it’s months down the road… and before you know it it’s New Year’s Day and you’ve neglected to do the things you told yourself you’d do.

And not even in a “career” sense… maybe it’s travel, maybe it’s your health, maybe it’s to relax more, maybe it’s more FUN!

Romanticizing starts with alignment

The concept behind romanticizing your life stems from self-love. Falling in love with yourself, all the different things you do in a day, and finding purpose in each action. “But what if I don’t feel aligned & I can’t romanticize my current day-to-day because I am not doing what I WANT?”

I get it. 

It’s hard day after day to force yourself to be happy in a situation that truly doesn't serve you anymore.

But you must … 

Here are some ways you can romanticize your life:

  • Fold your clothes to music you love
  • Pour your coffee into a pretty mug that makes you feel so good
  • Make yourself a dessert and sit down to enjoy it
  • Organize your space and buy something new for it (can be $5!)
  • Really focus on yourself while washing your face or brushing your teeth, and acknowledge how amazing you are (because you are!)
  • Take photos or videos throughout the day to look back on or share online.. Little memories of things you love that brought you happiness and joy
  • Take yourself on self-care dates, to the spa, out for a walk, or even to a cute little coffee shop!

Legit just IMAGINE your life in a romanticized way, even if you’re not quite where you want to be!  

Can’t wait to hear about how this impacts you… tag me @maggie_berghoff on IG if you start focusing more on romanticizing your life!

Maggie B

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