Pillars to Success: How to Improve Your Health & Habits

I know you've heard of JLD—John Lee Dumas—the infamous entrepreneur and host of top rate podcast, "Entrepreneurs On Fire."

Well, he just so happens to also be a health client of mine, and we're spilling the beans on the exact protocols JLD went through to take his health to the next level. This episode was "FIRE" ;) and got so much amazing feedback, that I knew I needed to share it with you here, too!

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John Lee Dumas or JLD is one-of-a-kind. A true high performing entrepreneur who knocks it out of the park with everything he does. He knows that HEALTH is at the forefront of success in all areas of life, and so invested in himself to work with me to up-level his own personal health.

We share all the details in this podcast right here! Ever wonder what high performing entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas do to get their energy and performance to the next level? Now you can eavesdrop on our convo and get all the insider deets. Enjoy!

I also get personal on this episode about the health problems I suffered with for years, and how these struggles brought me to where I am today...ultimately healing my own body, and then going on to build a profitable and super flexible health consulting business 100% online helping other high performing men and women up-level their health.

You'll also learn my unique assessment strategy with clients, my thoughts on diet and nutrition, the importance of surrounding yourself with a healthy environment and much, much more!

"Reaching Peak Performance: Fine-tuning Your Health and Habits for Success with Maggie Berghoff"