Bridging the Gap Between Your 9-5 and Your Dream Career

So you kinda want to build your own business, but are still working your 9-5 and don’t know where to find the extra time to work on your dream ...

Can I really make this work? How?!

When should I start?

What does that transition even look like?

I barely have enough time as it is?

Thinking about where you are and where you dream of being in your career can seem super overwhelming. So much so that time and time again I hear clients, friends, colleagues letting their limiting beliefs take over and they end up doing NOTHING because they’re paralyzed with overwhelm and inaction. 

The most important thing you can do to make sure you get to your end goal of building your own company iis take small steps, day by day, and today I am going to share a few of what those steps can look like so you can start making this a reality.

Utilize your commute/free time/waiting time

We can all attest to spending a ton of time in the car, whether or not the commute is long or short to your 9-5 it is time you can be better utilizing. Take calls, do voice memos, listen to an informative podcast, heck — even making a talk-to-text to-do list for the few extra items you will do for your dream job/biz outside of the 9-5!  Most humans will listen to music on their drives…  or they’ll watch Netflix at night…  or sleep on a plane… or scroll through social media on any work breaks, at lunch, before bed.  Not you ;) if you want to make the most of your time, spend those moments working on your business.  I promise it’ll pay off and those little “in the cracks” moments add up to HOURS and hours of time spent building momentum in the business!  

Meal prep!

The concept of meal prepping is really great especially for those that would normally leave the office to go out and buy food. 1. You can pack a healthy, well-balanced meal that will keep your energy going. 2. Less time in and out of the office and car. If you have a meal on deck you can use your lunch break time to catch up on tasks, send emails, work on that webpage.

Time blocking, task driven work

When you are working it is important to be intentional with it. I could not rave about time blocking more.  So focusing and getting SO zoned in on one specific task during that time, vs trying to do a million things and getting none of them done. 

For example: if you know you have all of your 30 minute lunch breaks for the week & Saturday to complete extra tasks that move your side business forward, I’d focus on working on just ONE task during those times… maybe even all week!  Instead of trying to do 12 different tasks in your new business, just focus on one thing.  So, maybe the next 2 weeks all you focus on is your website… you write the copy on week, and then make it pretty and hook up the tech the second.  BOOM, DONE.  Super simple especially with a great website template, like this one!

Money generating activities

Focus on what matters.  Most new entrepreneurs waste all their time and effort (even money!) into busy work.  They are always looking for new stuff to do in their business when they haven’t even gotten the foundations down and started to monetize.  All you need in early stages is clients and customers, right?!  You need money so you can confidently leave your current job and focus more time on your true dream career.  So focus on things that will bring customers into the business right away.  My favorite way to do this is with social media.  It’s 100% free marketing, and unlimited! You can post about your business, grow a following, and earn money simply by posting content on the platform.  It’s ridiculously simple if you just start it!  Post about what your ideal client would want to know, add a “CTA” (Call To Action) to work with you or maybe just engage with the post, and you’ll start to see momentum build.  You don’t need a fancy website, pretty logo, large tech funnels, paid advertising, or really anything at all outside social media.  All you need to start is an offering + the confidence to post about it on social!  So if you have limited time, focus on social media or setting up some in-person talks in town.  This is where you’ll be the fastest ROI in your business. 

In time, if you believe in yourself, you’ll be able to step down from that 9-5 you no longer love, and step into the life of your absolute dreams!  Focus on your strengths, make small attainable goals, streamline your day-to-day, get support when needed and DO NOT STOP. No matter how fast or slow the process feels, you WILL make it happen, so long as you don’t quit. ;)

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