3 Easy Ways to Take Back Your Morning Routine

Look, I get it. I see the pretty, aesthetic morning routine videos on Reels & TikToks and I truly wonder…HOW DO PEOPLE DO THAT EVERY MORNING? 

My AM routine does not look like it once did, with running a company + raising 3 little kids + doing all.of.the.things.  And that’s OK!  

I used to feel so far removed from calling anything a “morning routine”...but I slowly learned it’s about being intentional and listening to what I felt my mind, body & family needed most!

I am going to share 4 easy ways to take back your morning. But as a reminder, not every morning will look the same. Things happen. Life happens. It’s about finding balance and nurturing your time for what feels best to YOU.

Showers aren’t for singing, but THINKING

Sometimes those 10 minutes in the shower are the most time we have with ourselves. Use it intentionally! Run through all the things you want to accomplish and envision yourself checking it all off the list… dream up something new… think about ways to improve yourself… or just, be.

This same concept can go for those of you that have a commute somewhere. It’s about finding that time to set intentions and goals for the day and for life… a great time for reflection!

It all starts with zzz’s…

Taking back your morning truly does start the night before. The better and more whole your night’s rest is, the better you can show up for yourself, your work & loved ones.

Now for me personally, one of my kids is pretty much always up at some point in the night.  This is why you MUST prioritize your sleep in the areas you can control, to counteract the areas you can’t.  You can’t control that your toddler peed through his diaper and you need to bathe and change him + strip the bed + start the laundry + get him back to sleep at 3:30AM.  You CAN control that you go to sleep at 9PM, don’t use your phone 1 hour before bed, keep amber or dimmed lights on in the evening vs bright lights, and don’t drink caffeine in the afternoon. 

Focus on what you can definitely control, and I promise you’ll be soo much happier, more energetic, and more vibrant!

Forget the snooze!

Did you know that the average person has 4-6 sleep cycles per night? The cycles go: wake, light sleep, deep sleep, REM, and repeat. When your alarm first goes off you are immediately jumped into “wake”, then you press snooze & fall back asleep, you start a new cycle typically resting in “light sleep”. If you then try to get up for the day, your rhythm is off because your body still feels as though it is in that light sleep phase. To stop this from happening it is important to immediately wake up when your alarm goes off….OR get your circadian rhythm set so well you no longer need an alarm, but wake up naturally each day - like me!  My body just knows what time it is and when it’s time to wake up… your body will, too, if you train it and optimize your biological clock.

All in all, I am not here to preach a certain type of routine. I am not here to tell you that the key to being successful is waking up at 5am and spending 3 hours of your morning “prepping for the day” like the videos we see online. What I am saying is that by creating your own version of a “morning routine” with things that feel as though they prep you for the day ahead & get your mental, physical and emotional states regulated, you WILL feel better.

And give yourself grace!  You’re doing an AMAZING job.  Just need a few little tweaks to truly start living your life in the most aligned and happy way.

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