How I Transitioned From a Full-Time Nurse Practitioner to an Online Health Consultant & Entrepreneur

In this interview with Chris Harder on his famous "For the Love of Money" podcast, we get real with you on what it takes to leave an already "secure" and high paying job, and go out on your own to create your own business from the ground up!

I branched out and started my own health consulting business with NO business experience - zilch...

And, guess what - you can, too... you just need the right guidance!

This is one of my highest rated podcasts I've ever done, so you definitely don't want to miss it!

We chat about mindset and navigating fears, what it's like to leave your "real job" to work for yourself, the biggest challenges you'll face as an entrepreneur...and the biggest rewards

Click below to listen to the podcast and soak in all the business & entrepreneurship goodness we share on this episode!