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Yes! I Want To Attract More Clients To My Business!

Are you a coach, consultant, or course creator struggling to get high-paying clients into your programs?...

Discover How To Grow Your Audience, Generate More Traffic, And Attract Dream Clients To Your Course, Private Consultancy, Or Coaching Program…

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Before you spend ANY money on paid ads, invest in an expensive website with fancy funnels, or try out any of the crazy marketing tactics designed for businesses already generating 6-figures every year…

I’m about to share with you the simple social media tactics and strategies my business coaching students use to add thousands of followers to their social media accounts within weeks. 

All while having their ideal clients fill up their online courses, private consulting business, and coaching programs... 

Before I do this, let me introduce myself…

Dear future Social Media Pro, 

My name is Maggie Berghoff. 

I run a multi-million-dollar/year online company which I built from scratch without having to sacrifice my family or social life. 

I specialize in helping people, just like you, turn their expert knowledge into 6 and 7 figures businesses they can run in just a few hours a day from the comfort of their own homes. 

On this page, I’m going to show the exact social media strategies I used to: 

  • Grow my audience to over 200K followers in 12 months
  • Attract high-ticket retainer clients to my online health consulting business
  • Attract high-ticket clients to my online business consulting company
  • Secure paid brand partnerships of my dreams
  • Get a 6-figure book deal with my dream publisher 

These are the same frameworks my business students have (and do) use to land high-ticket clients simply by posting the right type of content on Instagram and TikTok. 

It wasn’t always this way, though.

Before I started my first company online using social media, I was a Nurse Practitioner with specialized knowledge and a passion to help others.

I leveraged this into becoming an online health consultant after going through my own health decline and finding major flaws in the traditional medical model. 

Without intending to, I’ve also become a sought-after business mentor for coaches, course creators, and consultants…

◆ ◆ ◆

My dream was always to be a healthcare professional. 

I loved the idea of serving people and helping them get back to their full health. 

But a few years into what I thought was going to be a long career working in my local hospital, something HUGE came my way, and it completely flipped my view of conventional medicine and healthcare on its head. 

I realized many traditional doctors only wanted to treat the symptoms and not the causes. 

I spent all day handing out pills to make people feel good in the short term, without addressing the underlying causes. 

It was like a conveyor belt of patients coming in and out, without the real care or attention they needed to fix their health.

This awakening realization about my industry hit me hard. 

And with it, my dream career fell apart in front of my eyes. 

It was around this time that I realized how much I craved flexibility in my schedule.

The kind of flexibility that would allow me to work the hours I wanted without having a boss, playing by someone else's rules, and allowing me to run my own practice.

I just wanted to help people from all over the world in a way I was aligned with most.

This put me at a crossroads. 

I knew there must be another way. 

I started to do the research on what I could do to make this happen.

After seeing the power of having a digital brand, I decided to take the leap.

I quit my steady job at the hospital and launched my own business - one of the first online, high-end Functional Medicine health consulting businesses in the world!  

In the first year, after leaving my full-time job and going out on my own as an online health consultant, I made multiple six figures.

But along the way, something strange started to happen. 

As I documented my business journey on social media, other practitioners and health coaches began to notice. 

I started getting DMs on Instagram, emails in my inbox, and Facebook messages every single day asking if I could mentor them and show them how I was generating results. 

Some were offering me thousands of dollars to mentor and coach them, just from the posts they had seen about my business and lifestyle on Instagram.

It. Was. CRAZY!

I hadn’t spent a single dollar on advertising or marketing myself as a business coach, or even offer the option, but I had hundreds of potential clients BEGGING me to show them how to replicate my business model.

This was when I realized I had tapped into something super powerful on social media. 

Just by talking about my business, showing the results I was generating for my clients, and sharing my new lifestyle, I was attracting TONS of ideal clients, ready to learn from me on the business side of things.

So I started coaching a handful of business owners on how they could attract their ideal clients, with organic social media marketing being a key part of growing their brands. 

Some business owners grew their social media following by thousands in just a few weeks. Others started getting DM’s from dream clients within DAYS. Even more grew their business past the 6 and 7-figure mark with my guidance. 

Taking the proven and battle-tested social media strategies, cutting out the parts that didn’t create immediate results, and packaging it all in a simple framework anyone could use.

Well, the results were incredible.

Since then, I’ve refined the strategies even more so.

The result being…

Inside the Social Media Client Magnet course, I’m going to reveal the exact type of content you need to post, that’ll cut through the noise, ‘hack’ the social media algorithms, and attract your exact target market to your business. 

This is the only social media strategy you need to:

  • Create an engaged and relevant audience that’s educated on your personal brand and eager to pay for your services
  • Optimize your accounts for client attraction so more people fill up your DMs, click your links, and visit your website
  • Build authority and credibility in your niche so you’re viewed as the go-to expert on your subject and clients have trust in the power of your high-ticket programs
  • Pre-sell your services to make closing clients easy, taking the pressure off of sales calls and creating an audience ready to invest in your solutions
  • Fill your inbox with DM’s from dream clients who know your value, don’t haggle down on prices, and happily pay premium rates 
  • Drive more clients to your course, consultancy, or coaching program, giving you a steady income stream and helping you scale up your business
  • And so much more
Yes! I Want To Attract More Clients To My Business!

The Social Media Client Magnet course has been broken down to just 5 sub-modules of in-depth social media training. 

These are the simple and effective social media strategies I used to grow my online business to a million dollar empire using JUST instagram and TikTok.

6 Core Social Media Content Ideas

By the end of this module, you’ll have a bottomless well of inspiration that takes the time and headache out of regular and consistent posting.

  • The 6 fundamental content themes you need to create a non-stop flow of entertaining, valuable, and engagement-producing posts that builds your authority to your audience and generates an army of super-fans
  • Uncover which content boosts your reputation, making you the go-to authority in your niche with followers who trust your knowledge and come to you for expert advice on your topic 
  • The secrets to creating a genuine connection with your audience, so they get to know you personally and have zero hesitation when it comes to buying your services

Content Organization

This module shows you how to minimize the time you spend creating and posting, while still growing your audience and attracting clients like crazy.

  • Discover the simple way of keeping your content creation quick, easy, and organized! Take the hassle out of consistent posting and give the algorithm exactly what it needs to keep your audience growing
  • Use our templates to keep tabs on your content ideas, keep your creativity flowing, and store your ideas for posts, captions, hashtags, and collaborations
  • Build up a library of creatives, posts, and ideas to tap into whenever you need them, and use them for inspiration for future posts

Content Repurposing

You already have a goldmine of unused content! After this module you’ll know how to mine this gold and effortless turn it into posts your audience loves.

  • Discover how to cross-promote your own content and create the effect of a boundless online presence by turning your existing content into posts, reels, stories, and videos
  • Create an endless and easy-to-produce stream of content from blogs, podcasts, client testimonials, magazine features…even voice notes you’ve sent to yourself on Whatsapp!
  • Free bonus resource: Step-by-step guide to using a free, overlooked website to turn your podcast into an inexhaustible supply of TikTok and Instagram Reels and videos

Instagram For Business

Turn into an Instagram pro with hundreds of new followers and thousands of views every week, regardless of your social media experience or tech knowledge.

  • Makes the Insta algorithm your best friend to get more views, more followers, and more engagement on everything you post
  • Step-by-step guide on setting up your account, posting Reel and stories, plus how to pull in engaged viewers whenever you go ‘live’ on Instagram 
  • Revealing the posting strategies, compelling captions, and hashtags you need to use if you want to attract users eager to click the link in your bio and learn more about your services. 
  • Uncover the keys to creating a profile that screams CREDIBILITY and makes users want to follow you, becoming instantly recognizable when you show up in their feed. 
  • Free Content Ideas Guide with a content tracker to plan, track, and pre-post your content, to take the headache out of generating ideas and schedule a whole week of posts in a few hours

TikTok For Business

In this module you’ll crack the TikTok secret and beat your competitors to the world’s fastest-growing social media platform.

  • Revealing the untapped marketing power hidden in the world's second most downloaded app… (It’s way more than dancing kids and cat videos, and the TikTok for business revolution has only just begun!)
  • Cut hours out of content creation with mass batch content. Using our monthly content creation tracker to plan ahead, store your ideas, and inspiration - making regular, consistent posting a breeze
  • Growing your TikTok reach from scratch: What to talk about, when to post, how to edit viral videos, expand your audience, exploit trends, and so much more. 
  • Free bonus resource: our 5 Day TikTok posting challenge to get your creative juices flowing, keep you accountable, and instantly generate followers and interested leads. Start your TikTok journey with a bang!
  • Free bonus resource: Hooks and Call-To-Action prompt guide. Creating content is only half the battle - this guide shows you how to direct your audience to take action, click your links, and engage with your post!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Results From Our Students:

Yes! I Want To Attract More Clients To My Business!

What’s The Investment For The Social Media Client Magnet Course?


That’s right, for just $297 you get access to the social media strategies and content creation ideas my students and I have used to start a high-ticket coaching business without spending a single penny on marketing or ads!

Why only $297?

Usually, I reserve these social media secrets for my courses, masterminds, and 1:1 clients. 

To enter these programs, it will typically require a 5-figure investment.

I know how effective organic social media marketing can be when you’re trying to grow on a budget.  

I want to help as many coaches, consultants, and course creators as I can. 

So I’ve put everything I know about growing a social media account for business into this one standalone course!

The best part is, I’ll be teaching you how to attract $5K+ clients, so this small investment is NOTHING compared to the ROI you’ll experience.

AND you can buy this course and use the information inside to continuously generate endless clients for months and years to come.

Yes! I Want To Attract More Clients To My Business!

How To Get Started… 

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Bonus #1:

Over-The-Shoulder Social Media Audit (value $149)

Watch in real-time as I give you a full 2.5 hour breakdown of the Instagram accounts of my Elite Business Mastermind students - showing you exactly what’s HOT and what’s NOT.

  • See what it looks like to use all the hacks, tips, and strategies inside this course on real-live accounts, and compare your account to fully optimized and fine-tuned profiles
  • Discover what viral posts, reels, and videos actually look like, and how to tweak your posts for maximum engagement and traffic
  • Real feedback to my students with actionable steps that you could act on your profile right away.

Remember, you’re getting access to the Social Media Client Magnet course, plus the Instagram Audit Masterclass bonus module for just $297.

All you have to do is hit the button below, where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page, and complete your investment today. 

You’ll then be asked to create an account, sign in, and the course will be yours to access immediately!

Yes! I Want To Attract More Clients To My Business!

Here’s to growing your social media audience, attracting new clients to your business, and smashing your revenue goals for the coming months!

P.S. You’re just a few moments away from accessing my social media training, which in just 5 simple modules will make you a social media master able to understand what’s going on and capitalize on the power of free organic marketing. 

I cannot wait to see your social media accounts BOOMING in a few weeks' time!

It seriously doesn’t take long to start seeing a noticeable effect on your views, engagement, and in your DMs. 

The best part is, when clients reach out to you, you KNOW they’re going to be a great fit for your business!

You don’t have to persuade them of your knowledge or justify your prices. They’re already totally convinced you have the expertise to solve their problems. 

It’s why this is the PERFECT strategy for attracting high-ticket clients for 1:1 consulting, group coaching, or filling up your courses!

I’ll see you on the inside!

P.P.S The longer you wait, the further away you are from growing a social media account of your dreams. 

Do you want to be left behind?

Yes! I Want To Attract More Clients To My Business!

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