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I am so confident the Online Business Academy Bundle has everything you need to create a 6-7figure coaching or consulting business, I’m giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you start the program and it isn't a fit for what you're trying to grow, I’ll give you a full refund.

Just jump on a quick call with my team and we’ll send you your money back in full. 

There is truly nothing to lose!


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The Online Business Academy *Bundle* 

The OBA Bundle is the result of years of experience my team and I have building, structuring, marketing, and growing highly-successful coaching and consulting businesses - in MANY different industries! 

Whether you want to build your business around 1:1 coaching, group coaching, automated courses, or a blend of all three (like me!), the OBA Bundle has EVERYTHING you need to succeed. 

The OBA Bundle is made up of 2 separate and complete courses, making sure there’s no stone left unturned.

Online Business Academy *and* Course Creators Incubator

Online Business Academy is a complete business plan in a bottle. 

It’s an A to Z walkthrough of every imaginable step you need to create a 6-figure business from scratch, and then scale to a $1M/year company from there.  Everything from Start to Scale is in OBA.  You’ll use it for years and years to come. 

Course Creators Incubator, is a guide to creating automated courses that integrate perfectly into the business you will build with OBA.

Here's what's included when you sign up for the OBA
Bundle today:


Online Business Academy

Everything you need to build your business from the ground up. 

There’s absolutely zero fluff. 

It's a structured, step-by-step program that guides you through every process you need to take your business from zero to 6-figures in the shortest possible time, and then scale from 6 to 7-figures per year.

It’s all straight to the point, detailed, and organized to the tee. 

There are 17 modules packed full of videos, PDFs, cheat sheets, bonus material, and action items… 

Walking you through the entire journey from structuring your business, crafting your offer, marketing your services, and attracting clients. 


Here are the key steps OBA will guide you through on your journey to a thriving, profitable, and sustainable coaching and consulting business.

Business Launch Foundations

SO many times I have had clients come into our program with the completely wrong foundation and pretty much no plan or organization. I’m going to teach you the essential building blocks you need to put in place to ensure your business is a thriving sustainable business from now until forever.  

Introduction: How To Use This Course To Guarantee The Best Results 

Module 1: The Critical Foundations Every Business Needs

  • Hit the ground running! Everything you need to know to maximize the impact this program will have on your business propel you to success in the shortest possible time. 

  • No business can flourish without a strong foundation.
    Discover the foundational systems you simply cannot avoid that will set you up for smooth growth and simple scalability for the lifetime of your business.

  • Remove massive potential roadblocks down the line by correctly registering, securing essential business structures, and ensuring you’re meeting all legal and accounting standards (doing this early gets the logistics out of the way so you can concentrate on growth and delivering gold-standard services to your clients)

Packaging Your Services and Clarity on Your Niche

Turning your knowledge into low-maintenance, high-value programs that bring in revenue quickly, are easy to market, and free up hours of your time every week.  

Module 2: How to Identify Your Ideal Client & Niche

Module 3: Master Your Signature Framework & Offerings

  • Finetune your business focus to automatically attract high-paying, dream clients that you love to work with and generate five figures or more every month for your business (aka start making a lot of income, simple and fast)

  • Get clarity on your ideal client, and tailor your sales messaging to speak directly to their needs. If you don’t have this clarity, you’ll be spinning your wheels, frustrated, confused, and stuck.

  • Create an offer so valuable your potential clients simply cannot say no!
    Revealing the secrets to packaging your services in a way that immediately demonstrates your expertise, value, and authority so you can charge higher rates for every client (more income, less work, better clients!)

Website and Branding

Create a brand that aligns with your services and goals, and represents your company at the highest level. We’ll even teach you how to build and launch your first or newly improved website in about 7 days!  

Module 4: Build a Brand & Website That Sells

  • Discover how to create a brand that’s instantly recognizable, ties your business together across all platforms, and fosters familiarity with your potential clients (keeping them loyal and coming back to your services again and again)

  • Remove the headache from branding and building an online presence.
    Create an impactful and high-converting website that effortlessly demonstrates your values and ethics (with little to no tech experience)

  • Revealing everything need to know about logos, color palettes, layouts, website optimization, and even presenting services on your site (creating continuity your audience can identify and trust, generating an army of superfans who keep your business booming year after year)


My biggest specialty ;) Become a marketing powerhouse and pack your programs full of clients you LOVE working with!  

Module 5: Organic Marketing

Module 6: Social Media For Business

Module 10: Affiliate Marketing and Brand Partnerships 101

Module 11: Build & Grow Your Email List

  • No one can buy from you if they don’t know you exist.  Attract clients and raise awareness of your business.
    Unlock the hidden potential of organic marketing to make an impact and grow your customer base FAST (without expensive ad campaigns or hit-and-miss tactics)

  • Accelerate your follower count into the tens of thousands!
    Harness the influence of the algorithms to generate an engaged and loyal audience you can tap into at will whenever you launch new offers

  • Create an email list of contacts so you can continually earn. 
    We’ve made six-figures many many times from one little email going out.  I’m going to teach you how to grow your company to be able to do the same, giving you a highly engaged and informed market you can tap into for sales whenever you like.

  • Uncover the massive potential of collaboration and partnerships.
    Access audiences far beyond your own reach by joining forces with businesses, brands, and personalities that complement and align with your services and client base


A major aspect of marketing most business programs don’t teach! It's why OUR clients are the recognized experts in their industries.

Propel your status to an industry leader to become a highly sought-after coach or consultant that clients go out of their way to work with. Create a larger impact, more opportunities, and a life-long brand.  

Module 7: PR and Mainstream Media

Module 8: Podcasts

Module 9: Online Collaborations and Partnerships

  • Become a recognized expert and top authority.
    Uncover the force of mainstream media to land features on TV, in magazines, and in prominent online spaces -  building brand awareness, and credibility, and heightening your growth opportunities 

  • Speak directly in the ears of hundreds of thousands of potential clients.  Magnify your brand reach, trust, and authority by being featured on podcasts listened to by engaged and informed audiences in your business niche  

  • Increase your value and authority by joining forces with fellow experts.    Inviting other voices onto your platform lends their credibility to your brand and services, and appearing in their content strengthens your status and widens your exposure - so clients come to you with minimal resistance, reducing how much time you need to spend marketing



I’m going to help you recognize sales is FUN and simple!  

Module 12: Convert Audience Members to Paying Clients

Module 13: Advanced High-Ticket Sales Strategies

Module 14: How to "See" Clients Online & Collect The Best Testimonials

  • Unlock the secret behind every profitable business on earth.
    Discover how to turn ‘maybe’ into ‘YES!!!’ so you’ll never run short of clients and create constant revenue growth in your business

  • The keys to creating a 6-figure business! An A-Z guide to selling to make eliminating objections second nature and close high-ticket retainer clients on demand  


  • Ensure unbeatable outcomes from your live sessions, for you and your clients. 
    Discover the highest standards of communication and the effortless system for generating 5-star client testimonials that showcase your full expertise (
    to increase the desire of future prospects and make selling even easier!)

Essential Business Apps & Tools That Keep Things SIMPLE & Organized

Comprehensive walk-throughs of all the tools, software, and apps you need to keep your business running smoothly behind the scenes.   

Module 15: Kajabi Tech Tutorials

Module 16: Advanced Tips & Tools You Need!

  • Our complete guide to running an online business with no tech experience!
    Simplified and easy to understand, this module has everything you need to know to manage your website, email, course content, payments systems, and more 

  • Tutorials on tutorials
    You’ll become a pro and automate the back end of your business so you’re never bogged down in the details (and can concentrate on growing your revenue, delivering world-class results to your clients, and spending more time relaxing away from work!)

  • Step-by-step guides on everything from workflows and scheduling to processing payments, and so much more!

Course Creators Incubator

Let’s launch your first or next course!! 

Automated courses are a crucial part of your growth strategy, whether your business is based on courses alone or if they’re part of your broader package. 

With a high-value course as part of your business, you will generate sales that come in 24/7, whether you’re chilling on the sofa, spending time with your family, or lounging on vacation. 


CCI has everything you’ll ever need to create, launch, and market your course into the world.


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

Module 1 - Course Structure And Setup

Setting the groundwork for a successful course that generates money while you sleep. 

  • Discover the fundamentals of course creation and decide on one of four core course types that fit your current business goals and provide the most value to your target market
  • Set your launch strategy early and build your course and marketing around it to fill your course up, maximize your launch potential, and keep course sales coming in around the clock 
  • Master the tech that supports your course so you can build your course with ease, removing all the obstacles and pitfalls so many course creators fall into and lock in passive income for years to come!

Module 2 - Branding Your Course

How to brand a course so it gains attention and stands out from the crowd

  • Branding matters.  Brand your course and be proud of the finished product!
  • Take the headache out of branding and building an online presence (with zero tech experience)

Module 3 - Build A Course That Transforms Lives

Create a course that delivers dream results for your clients, while simultaneously supporting you as well - double wins!

  • Discover how to turn your expert knowledge into a high-ticket automated course.  All the detailed in how to actually make the course come to life, set it up, record it, organize it, and more.

Module 4 - Course Marketing 101

Unlock proven strategies to attract your ideal audience and keep clients buying your course year after year

  • What good is a course if it’s not selling?  Marketing is EVERYTHING.  I’ll teach you how to market your course like gold.  Some clients even have come with a course already, but it’s not selling like they want.  Implement our strategies and watch sales explode!

Module 5 - Launching Your Course

Get my exact launch strategy for your course!!  It’s complete gold and works like magic in any industry or niche.

  • Strategies, templates, automations, and systems.  We have it all covered in this module so you launch with confidence and ease!

Module 6 - Maintaining Post Launch Momentum

Unlock ultimate momentum to keep your course increasing in sign-ups consistently, reaching more and more people

  • Walking you through a high-level launch debrief! Find out what worked in your launch and the messaging that resonated most with your target market to double down on the winning components and make your next launch even more profitable 
  • Take full advantage of your initial launch success! Harness the power of student reviews and testimonials to amplify your marketing and tune into the most successful parts of your course. 
  • Use the excitement and publicity of your launches to catapult your business to higher levels of growth and revenue! More brand awareness, and more interest in your other programs and services (rolling your launch success into more sales, more clients, and faster growth!)

Module 7 & 8 - Making Course Tech Simple

I have you covered with ALL the ins and outs of launching and maintaining your course!

  • Remove the unknown from the tech that supports your course. Get complete clarity on how to upload, edit, and market your course and all the moving parts in the background (making your courses and launches run smoothly even if it's your first time)
  • Complete walkthroughs on all the tools, apps, and programs you need to make your courses a resounding success. We’ve simplified everything and used the most intuitive platforms so you can get set up with minimal friction or tech-related headaches!
  • This module will turn you into a master course creator!

So what’s the investment to get your hands on a complete guide to building, marketing, and generating revenue in your business in a matter of months?


You might be thinking:

“Maggie, why on earth would you give away secrets and structures, tools and templates, systems and insider secrets that have generated you and your business clients multiple millions like clockwork…. For ~ $3K?!"

I want to help more people.  
Simple as that!

OBA is THE most vast, organized, and step-by-step business & marketing program on the market… 


When You Enroll In The OBA Bundle TODAY, You’ll Also Get Access To These Incredible Bonuses

Unlock the inner strategies needed to create a winning mentality that leaves overwhelm and doubts behind and puts you on the path of true happiness
  • When it comes to business, your biggest enemy is often yourself.
    This bonus module includes advanced NLP techniques to help you develop the thoughts and habits necessary for success
  • Discover the perspectives you need to overcome your limiting beliefs and step into your power as a successful, confident, high-performing business owner and entrepreneur. 
Kickstart your social media platforms with a bang with our 30-Day social media cheat sheet and start generating a hungry and engaged audience from day one.
  • Instantly remove all of the headaches and stress from planning and posting on social media (and start building a list of ideal clients who are ready to buy into your services) 
  • Discover the prompts and ideas my clients use to go viral in their very first weeks of posting and sign clients in the DM’s with zero resistance (even if you have zero social media presence before they started)
Launch a beautiful, professional, and fully functioning website without any tech experience whatsoever!  If you’re currently not on Kajabi, but do have a site, you can transfer over with ease.  We LOVE kajabi and run every aspect of business on this all-in-one platform.

Access a complete, done-for-you, pre-built website. 

Everything is already optimized for coaches and consultants. All you have to do is drag and drop your pictures, text, logos, and branding into your template. 

We’ve triple-checked that every page, form, and template was built using the same tested, proven conversion processes from inside my own business. 

It’s completely ready to launch as it comes.

The website template and course include:

  • Tutorials guiding you through every single step of launching your site
  • A branding Masterclass to make your website stand out from the crowd
  • How-to videos to get you up to speed once your website is live
  • A cheat sheet for CREATING COPY on your site 
  • And more!

It’s so simple you can get a proven website up and running in as little as 7 days and start generating even more sales!

Everything you need to turn your social media into a cohesive and branded masterpiece oozing professionalism and style.
  • Instant access to 32 stunning templates for social media you can edit, customize, and post to make your social media feed a feast for the eyes (no design skills necessary - we’ve done all the hard work for you!)
  • Discover the power of Canva! Our complete walkthrough of the Canva program makes creating beautiful designs a breeze.

    Simply upload your fonts, logos, colors, and branding into the program to use throughout your social media, marketing, and website.

    Becoming a master brander with zero experience!

All Of These Bonuses Come 100% Free With The Oba Bundle When You Sign Up Today!


Your Next Steps

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Ready to radically transform your life, build a business that aligns with your values and skills, and create a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams?

If the answer is yes, you’re just moments away from the best decision you will ever make!

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So to recap, for just $2,997 you’ll get… 


  • The Online Business Academy Course, to guide you step by step through every imaginable part of building your business from scratch and growing it to six or seven figures or more in the shortest possible time. Value $4,997
  • Course Creators Incubator - a detailed walkthrough covering the entire process of creating, marketing, and launching an automated course that requires no input from you to continue generating a passive income 24/7, 365 days a year. Value $4,997
  • The Entrepreneurs Mindset Course to help you gain the perspective you need to overcome your limiting beliefs and step into your power as a successful, confident, high-performing business owner and entrepreneur. Value $997
  • 30-Day Social Media Cheat Sheet to start posting content that speaks directly to your ideal target market, to instantly grow your audience, attract clients, and send traffic to your courses and programs within weeks. value $197
  • The 1-Week Website Launcher. A complete, done-for-you website that can be launched in a week with zero tech experience. All you have to do is drag and drop your photos and branding into the template and follow our detailed copy guide to create a fully functional and professional website. value $1,497
  • Social Media Launch Kit to turn your social media into a beautiful, branded masterpiece and give your posts scroll-stopping, attention-grabbing appeal, attracting more engagement, followers, and eager clients filling up your DM’s! value $197
Total value: $12,882 if bought separately

Price if you buy now: $2,997




What you get

  • The Online Business Academy Course
  • Course Creators Incubator
  • The Entrepreneurs Mindset Course 
  • 30-Day Social Media Cheat Sheet 
  • The 1-Week Website Launcher 
  • Social Media Launch Kit 
  • Chance to win $2,000 Cash! 

Two Payments

2x $1,747

What you get

  • The Online Business Academy Course
  • Course Creators Incubator
  • The Entrepreneurs Mindset Course 
  • 30-Day Social Media Cheat Sheet 
  • The 1-Week Website Launcher 
  • Social Media Launch Kit 



What you get

  • The Online Business Academy Course
  • Course Creators Incubator
  • The Entrepreneurs Mindset Course 
  • 30-Day Social Media Cheat Sheet 
  • The 1-Week Website Launcher 
  • Social Media Launch Kit 

Three Payments

3x $1,298

What you get

  • The Online Business Academy Course
  • Course Creators Incubator
  • The Entrepreneurs Mindset Course 
  • 30-Day Social Media Cheat Sheet 
  • The 1-Week Website Launcher 
  • Social Media Launch Kit 

Shae L.

“I had no idea what I was doing, what I wanted to do, how to build a website, how to launch any of the business side of it. Since launching my website with Maggie I already have made up my full investment in Maggie!”


“I know it can be hard at first. But if you're looking for that push and you're a go getter, you are going to absolutely love Maggie's program. She is the real deal when it comes to giving advice!”


“I've told so many people that even though it seemed like a huge leap of faith at the beginning, it was absolutely a worthwhile, amazing decision. I don't have any regrets. I'm so glad I did this”


“In six monthsI have created my business from scratch. I have signed on new clients, I've met that $100,000 goal, and I am continuing to push further and further.”


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