Maggie BerghoffKajabi Business Website Template


Instead of Buying a Website Template or spending a TON of money hiring someone to make a site for you …

Get a Complete, Plug-And-Play Business Suite Professionally Built for YOU!


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The same way you believe your clients deserve the best, we believe your business does.

So, we’ve created a game-changing tool, not available anywhere else.  

You just won’t find anything this complete, capable, and plug-&-play using any other “template” out there… because, well, it’s not a site template.

It’s SO much more.  If you have ever purchased anything from me or been in our high-level programs, you know I never ever put out anything that isn’t above and beyond valuable and cutting edge! 



I actually was brought to tears

just the other day looking at the “before and after” sites from our clients who have built their sites with us… the ones who had sites before have COMPLETELY transformed not just the aesthetic or professionalism of the site, but their entire confidence as a business owner.  

And, the ones who didn’t have a site before have a place to call “home” now and send their ideal clients to, with excitement and the confidence of the true CEO they’re stepping into. 

When you purchase our Business Website Suite, you’re getting a completely set Kajabi template, ready to input your goodness into and start taking on clients or scaling your company.


First of all, Kajabi is without a doubt the best.

We transferred our entire companies onto the platform and it’s AMAZING to be able to do legit everything from one place.  It makes things so simple and is beyond worth it to be on Kajabi! 

If you’re not there, you’ll likely end up switching over in the future so you might as well do it now and save yourself the time ;)

Second, with our site … 

Your pages are all prebuilt

Your calendar system is ready to go 

Your lead magnet funnel is ready to go

Your contact page is ready to go

Your services page is ready to go

Policy and Terms & Disclaimers pages ready to go 

Client generating and list building design

Optimized copy prompts set for conversions

Absolutely everything is 100% customizable later on!

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We Are Making Internet History for Online Coaches Everywhere…

There is nothing like this out there:

You don’t need to be tech savvy to flip up a highly professional, optimized, COMPLETE site!

Once you purchase it, you can immediately tweak it to make it your own.

You could have your professional site flipped up in the day.  Can you imagine the time, frustration, and money you’d save?!


Too many coaches in my Elite Business Mastermind were completely STUMPED when it came to their site… AND I watched too many times as they wasted tens of thousands of dollars on branding specialists and web builders only to share with me how frustrated they were.  

Now, using this template, you can quickly (and proudly!) begin sending traffic and clients there… and start monetizing BIG.


How is this Template Different from All Other Templates Out There?

Other templates out there promote they’re a full website, but they ARE NOT. They’re just a one page site typically - ours is a FULL true high-level professional website built for conversions, high-ticket client acquisition, optimization, and user flow. 

This comes complete with funnels, application forms, and everything you need to launch your website and convert viewers into clients.

And, other sites don’t allow you to customize or change their features.  Ours is fully customizable!

With this template, you hold 100% of the power to update, edit, and change your site on a whim, just as every business owner should be able to! 

And instead of stopping there (which would have been plenty!) we triple checked that every page, form, and template was built using the same tested, proven conversion processes from inside my own multi-7 figure business (that’s run on Kajabi!!).

In short: our site wasn’t just built to look pretty, it was built to PERFORM.



We’re including a FREE advanced branding masterclass so you can master your branding and create the marketing vibe you want to put out into the world.

We’re also including tons of Kajabi tutorials so you know exactly how to set up and customize your site and start using it to onboard new clients, asap!

Get your logo and colors locked in, stat!


This template is perfect if you…

  • Need a website refresh
  • Are just starting and want to save time, effort, and money
  • Are switching over to Kajabi from wherever you are now
  • Aren’t great with technology 
  • Aren’t great with making things beautifully and professionally branded

Here’s what’s included with every template:

  • Homepage design
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Contact page
  • Apply page
  • Call booking page
  • Privacy and T&C pages
  • Thank you page
  • Two-Step opt-in funnel
  • DIY branding training
  • Mood board templates
  • Bonus 1: Sales copy guide
  • Bonus 2: Kajabi Tutorials

Ready to launch your new website?!

Save between $17,000-$45,000 in design, time, and coding, and
grab our Kajabi Website Template PLUS Advanced Branding Masterclass RIGHT HERE!

This is the easiest way to get yourself a HIGHLY converting website today!


Next steps...

Purchase our site template by clicking here
Plug in YOUR brand colors and photos instead of ours
Tweak the copy prompts to fit your specific business model
Send the lead to your website application page (yup there’s a prompt just for this in there)
✨Voila✨ congrats, friend!!

Be sure to TAG me on IG @maggie_berghoff so I can feature you and show off your new website to everyone!!