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Are you ready for ultimate freedom and flexibility?

Want to work less AND make more?


Want to help people in the way YOU know in your heart is best?!


Are you tired of the 9-5 grind in your “typical” job?

Feeling “stuck” in the same ‘ol same with limited time for yourself or your family? Stressed and burned out?  Or maybe you’ve tried to launch before and it’s just not clicking, and you feel you may be in the wrong model?


  • Stuck in your “job” and looking for a way out?
  • Have a business idea but unsure how to take action? 
  • Have a “business” on the side, but unsure how to grow or monetize it properly?
  • Know you can do something great with your knowledge if you just knew what steps to take?
  • Frustrated trying to build and market your business but not getting results?
  • Feel like you’re confusing on what to do and how to do it?
  • Want to hit 6 figures/year …. Or maybe even 6 figures/month …. Just living life and doing what you love?



I have you covered.

I will show you how, every single step of the way.

Meet the Creator

Hi, I'm Maggie Berghoff.

Author ◆ Speaker ◆ Business Mentor


I’m about to help YOU build the business of your absolute DREAMS.  I specialize in helping you build and scale high-ticket 1:1 and/or group coaching, and PASSIVE automated courses that sell on repeat!

So if you want to learn and use my proven business model in your own company, you’re in the right place!  I’ll show you not just what to do, but HOW to do it, step-by-step.

It’s proven. It’s simplistic. It’s strategy.


Maggie Berghoff

I know, I know - you never thought about owning your own business… Maybe it’s scary, maybe it seems impossible, maybe it seems stressful and hard.  

But I’m telling you, those are old-school lies keeping you from financial abundance, TIME freedom, and truly living life on your own terms.


With my guidance, you’ll know what to do step-by-step so you never have to guess and can streamline the entire process.

Everything in the course is self-paced and simplistic so you can do this with any type of schedule - even if you currently have a full-time job and family. 


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This course is no fluff, no busy work, just straight up implementable action steps.

You will learn how to launch your online coaching business & start bringing in high-ticket clients right away.  Some of our students launch their business and take on clients within DAYS of this course!

This client here is sharing that she went through FOUR business courses prior to finding ours, and NONE of them hold a candle to what’s inside this course here. 

We’ve heard this same thing from COUNTLESS clients… our stuff is GOLD.  And we are absolutely handing it all to you so we can help you go as far as you wish in business & life!

Private Practice Anywhere

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"I have been able to setup my entire business structure because of Maggie and her team."

→ Business Client

"I wanted to have a change in my career... and then I met Maggie and she made it so easy!"

→ Business Client

"I wanted to continue my professional career on my time and my terms - thank you Maggie."

→ Business Client

This is for you if...

  • You’re a clinician/coach who wants to leave your typical job and have full flexibility and freedom in your schedule, see the types of clients you want to see, and be in charge of your own days.
  • You want an exact high-ticket blueprint to follow to learn business and marketing in the online space, in an easy to follow and fast way.
  • You want clarity on how to attract dream clients
  • You want to know the exact tech, set-up, automations, systems, and processes to launch and grow your coaching business - in a SUPER easy way to follow
  • You’re thinking about launching PASSIVE automated courses, and want fast income ASAP through high-ticket coaching in order to focus on course build in the near future
  • You want to work less yet exceed your current income - BOOM!

This is NOT for you if...

  • You aren’t open to personal & professional growth, and are OK with living status-quo “normal” 9-5 life…. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, I get that.  But I have a feeling you do.  I have a feeling you’re here because you’ve seen what others are doing in this space and have a little FOMO!  That’s good!!!  It’s showing you what’s possible for you….. I have everything you need right now to make that your reality, too - IF you’re open to learning a new and modern way of life
  • You are too fearful to invest in your own business growth to create a new life.  Our clients are creating 6-7 figure companies in year one of working with us… if you want that, too, you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get inside this course so you can make it happen! 


Private Practice Anywhere

Launch Your Online Business

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Here's what you'll learn in this course:

Basically, if you’re wondering if this course is going to teach you everything about building a 1:1 or group coaching business that’s set up to scale with passive automated courses, the answer is a resounding YES!!!

Module 1

Setting Up Your New Business

Module 2

Create Your Ideal Client &  Niche

Module 3

Create Your Signature Framework & Offerings

Module 4

Creating a Website & Brand That Sells

Module 5

Where & How to Find Your First Clients

Module 6

High Ticket Sales

Module 7

How to "See" Clients Online

Module 8

Build & Grow Your Email List

Module 10

Advanced Tips & Tools You Need!

PLUS you will also get this BONUS!

Tutorials for Tech & Tools

Your Journey Starts Here

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"I'm so impressed with Maggie, how fast she was to get me up and running and profitable."

→ Business Client

"This has been the best professional decision I have made so far"

→ Business Client

I’ve invested a significant amount of time, money, and effort into learning business & marketing in order to run what’s now a multi-7 figure company.  


Let me save you all that trouble and simply give you the step-by-step guidance you need in order to create your own success story!


"This should be 5 times the cost of what I paid, this is the best investment I’ve made in myself and in my business in my entire life." 

→ G.H.

"Since implementing what you’ve taught me, instead of chasing down clients, they run to me!"

→ M.A.

"This should be 5 times the cost of what I paid, this is the best investment I’ve made in myself and in my business in my entire life." 

→ G.H.

"My dream is becoming a reality. Thank you, Maggie."

→ E.D.

And there's more:

Launch Your Online Business

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"I got my first client already!"



“She’s going to take you to that next level whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in the game for awhile.”




Maggie is a massive action taker and she instills this in you from the very first week.”



“So excited about this progress in the first week. My dream is becoming a reality. Thank you, Maggie.”



“I can’t say enough about Maggie. She was 100% committed to my success. She was always available to answer questions. She gave me everything I needed to be successful from marketing to the business side.”



“This week I’m designing my days and I’m just like I can’t believe this is my life - I just love it so much. I love my work, I love how my health clients are thriving, I’m just so grateful I was able to find you!”

Still not sure? 

I get it. This is a big life decision! And you may have doubts…

“Can this really work for me?”

YES. The only difference between those out there doing what you want to do, and you, is that they went for it.  Dive in.  You’ll never know what lies on that other side of your fear unless you try!

“The tech is too intimidating for me to have an online business.” 

Most all our clients have NO tech knowledge or skill… they don’t even have social media accounts half the time when they start with us.  I’m serious - we are teaching you everything & more!  I know you’ll get it!

“What about my license?”

If you’re a licensed healthcare professional, of course you want to set up your business in a safe way.  We do talk a little about that in the course since many of Maggie’s clients come from the health industry!  There 1000% is a way for you to have your own thriving company with out without your license - and we help you with whatever option you choose!

“I feel bad charging someone for my knowledge.”

Why?  Does a chef feel bad for charging you to eat the meal he just prepared?  Or a trainer for charging a personal training client?  Or an interior designer for services to design your home?  Or the plumber for fixing your broken pipes?  Or the doctor for seeing you at the clinic?  Think about where this belief is stemming from… you have something to share to the world that helps people, and we can help you create an actual business around it.

“What will my co-workers think about me?”

What others think of you is none of your business.  If you’re letting other people who have never taken the leap to build their own business determine your happiness and decision on this, you’re going to look back in life and really regret that.  It’s time to live YOUR life and prioritize your true happiness and passions. 

“This sounds too good to be true.”

Well, it’s not ;) You can have doubts and watch our clients get results day after day (I share on social daily the amazing success stories happening inside the course!) OR you can dive in and see for yourself!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  EVEN IF it doesn’t work out how you imagine it may, I guarantee you’ll learn something and it will help you in life.

“I’m too scared to build my own business.” 

Yep, I get that!  That’s why I’ve dedicated SO MUCH TIME into making the trainings informative, step-by-step, and to the point.  I’ve been helping others launch and scale their businesses for a LONG time, and know exactly what you’ll need, any set-backs you may have, and all materials that will be most helpful to you.  It’s all inside the course.

“What if this doesn’t work for me?”

What if it does?! ;)

“Where will my clients come from?”

You’ll learn all about our marketing strategies inside!  We mostly focus on social media, strategic partnerships, and PR/mainstream media (featured in places, podcasting, speaking, TV, whatever it is for you specifically!) 

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” 

Then you 100% need to get inside the course ASAP.

“I work full-time and have kids, I don’t have time to build my business.” 

Most all our clients are in that same boat, which is again why the course is built in the highest level way… more organized, detailed, and to the point than any other course on the market in this industry.  It’s also packed with tutorials, app recommendations, business tool recommendations, scripts, templates, and just EVERYTHING you need to grow your business - for real.  Holding NOTHING back.

You now have TWO paths you can take. 


You can stay “safe” and save this page for a later day (that likely won’t ever happen) - OR you can take a leap of faith and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!  I hope you choose Path #2 because I can’t wait to see you grow your business exponentially, and literally change your whole life overnight. 

When you complete this course,

You’ll have….

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  • A depth of knowledge in business & marketing - things other coaches don’t share with you that we’re letting you in on 
  • Ability to see high-ticket clients from around the world
  • Marketing knowledge to use social media and mainstream media to grow your business
  • Ability to have a 6+ figure company of your own that feels amazing to you and can be run from anywhere in the world
  • Systems and structure set up for launching your passive automated course with us soon
  • Tech knowledge and systems set up
  • Scheduling and coaching flow locked & loaded 
  • Your core program outlined and ready to promote
  • A website fully build from our custom site our team has developed and is GIVING to you free
  • Branding knowledge so you can set your company apart from others in the best way
  • All the foundations secured so you can make sure your company is set up for longevity and success year after year

You CAN do this!

I’m so confident you can do this, because that’s what’s happening inside.  This course is better than ever before, and the results our clients are sharing are out of this world amazing!  I’m super honored to help you along this journey, too.


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