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One of Maggie and Team MB’s greatest strengths is helping others succeed. We truly care about our clients, our clients’ clients, their business, our team members, and the ripple effect that all creates in the world. If helping others in this way is your JAM – you’ll love working with the team!   Team MB is a high-performing team full of fulfillment, ambition, big fast-moving projects, massive impact, and positive energy daily!

Marketing & Media Manager 

Position Overview:

Team MB is looking for a multi-talented marketing and media manager to join our growing team! 


If you…

  • Are a dedicated, ambitious, detail-oriented individual who is a go-getter when it comes to marketing strategy, media, PR, and brand recognition 
  • Are extremely confident speaking on behalf of the company, brand, and founder/CEO
  • Genuinely love networking and communicating with like-minded industry professionals
  • Understand direction fast and catch onto things very quickly, including all details 
  • Are eager to bring your experience in PR and media to the table
  • Live and breathe pitching mainstream media, coordinating PR, setting up brand partnerships, managing implementation of materials for partnership deals, researching and booking paid (or sometimes free depending on the opportunity) speaking engagements
  • Know you could sky-rocket the MB Brand and book media and PR consistently, and are ready to be a part of an amazing team on a big mission with fast-moving goals 


... then you may be a great fit for this position at TeamMB!


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